My Toolbox

Welcome to my Marketing Toolbox! I’m excited to share the secret stash of powerful tools I use to elevate my clients’ online presence. Let’s level up your marketing game together with this handpicked collection of top-notch resources. Get ready to unleash your business potential and create some magic!


Get a Domain Name


Namecheap is a great website hosting alternative, not as impressive as WPEngine, but great for bootstrapping.
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Get Hosting


Namecheap is a great website hosting alternative, not as impressive as WPEngine, but great for bootstrapping.
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51% off 1st yr Shared Hosting!


This is the best website hosting for WordPress hands down. Not the cheapest, but as far as backups, security, speed, and the ability to have a development and staging site and then push changes to the live site.
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Get 4 months free on all shared hosting plans at WP Engine

Manage Content is the only content management system I use. the .org portion of the title is to differentiate from which is a paid platform which I don’t use. the .org version is free, open source, tons of flexibility, and you own your data. Owning data is important to me because it doesn’t require you to stay on the platform (unlike Squarespace, Wix, and Weebly) and since you can control the data, you can use it however you like (instead of only being able to do what other platforms allow you to do). As of right now over 63% of websites on the internet use WordPress.

Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro is a game-changer! I can make stunning, custom websites without coding with this powerful WordPress plugin. It’s flexible, so I can turn my creative ideas into reality easily. With Elementor Pro, I create beautiful, interactive websites that my clients love. It’s a must-have tool in my arsenal, and it’s going to revolutionize your web design!
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Getting Content

Adobe Illustrator

Part of the Creative Suite I use this program to create vector images such as logos, graphics, and interactive content.
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Free Trial Available

Adobe Photoshop

Part of the Creative Suite, I use this to create, adjust, and edit static images.
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Free Trial Available

Adobe Stock

This is my go-to for stock imagery due to the vast selection of high-resolution photos and videos. They also have illustrations, vector images, audio, and templates which expand its value if you are creating content often.
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Canva Pro

This is a great alternative to Photoshop, PowerPoint, and many other image creation platforms. The pro version allows you access to stock photos and video.
per year

Free account available


ChatGPT is an AI chat program that has the history of the internet up to 2021. This is a great tool to utilize getting started if you have writers block or don’t know where to start. Its application possibilities are endless.


Free high-resolution images. There is also a paid version that increases the selection of photos. The selection for free can be limited, but makes a great alternative to keep costs down.


Vimeo is a great video hosting site. If you have many videos this is what you should use.

Free trial to start


Google Analytics

The marketing landscape and user behavior is always changing. This is very important to install so you can see how people interact with your website and monitor/adjust other marketing efforts.

Google Tag Manager

This is a great tool (but not required) for managing all the tags/scripts that need to be installed on your website.

Local SEO


This is a great all-in-one tool to manage your information across many online directories. This is a must to improve your local search engine optimization, make sure your information is correct and consistent.
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Google Search Console

This tool is important to have Google index (to show up in Google Search Results) your site and get feedback on how people are searching for your site.

Email Marketing

Constant Contact

This is a great tool for email contact management, email newsletters, SMS texting, scheduling social media posts on multiple channels.
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Free to sign up



Calendly is the online software I use to give people the ability to schedule meetings with me that works for them and syncs to my calendar.

Google Workspace

There are many benefits and features to using Google Workspace. It is essentially the same as having a regular Gmail account with many added bonuses such as: professional email (email addresses that end in your domain name instead of; Docs and Sheets (because I am not a fan of Microsoft Office); Google Drive and Shared Drives.
per month per user


Zoom is the software I use to meet with people.

Free account available