Do you want your same website but in WordPress?

Over 42% of websites are WordPress and for good reason.

We can convert any website to WordPress for you. Whether you have a static website, Joomla website, Drupal website, Squarespace website, Wix website, Weebly / Square website, or Shopify website. We can help you make it easier to use and give you proper documentation to move forward.

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What You'll Get

Let us help you take control of your website

Be In Control

Get control and ensure you are equipped to manage it.

Easy to Use

Powerful features and the freedom to build anything with WordPress.

Secure platform

Security and backups are included for your peace of mind.

Mobile Friendly

Looks good and works on any device no matter the screen size.


Get written documentation easy enough for anyone to use.


We will train your staff to help your business be more efficient.

Tech Specs

This is a technical overview list of the features that are included with a WordPress Conversion Website.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have experience converting websites from the following common platforms.

  • Static website
  • Joomla website
  • Drupal website
  • Squarespace website
  • Wix website
  • Weebly / Square website
  • Shopify website

We firmly believe that it is 100% yours and should be in your control and possession.

We can give you the advice to help you gain control of your digital products such as domain name and hosting.

During the conversion process, a few layout tweaks are ok, but if you want a different look and feel, then you will need to purchase a new website instead.

After the process is complete, you will be 100% free to change the layout and evolve your website how you see fit and we will always be here to bounce ideas off.

No worries, when we convert your existing site, we will ensure it will be mobile-friendly.