Village of Arcade, NY

Project Screenshots

Project Overview

The Village of Arcade, NY, embarked on an ambitious project to revolutionize its digital presence with the development of a new municipal website. Recognizing the vital role of accessible and transparent communication between the village government and its residents, the initiative aimed to create an online platform that not only serves as a repository of information but also as a bridge connecting the community and local governance. This forward-thinking project was driven by the desire to enhance civic engagement, streamline access to municipal services, and foster a more informed and involved community.


  1. Digital Transformation: To develop a user-friendly, visually appealing website that accurately represents the Village of Arcade, making local government more accessible to residents and visitors alike.
  2. Community Engagement: Create interactive features such as a community calendar, news section, and feedback forms to increase civic participation and keep residents informed about local events, initiatives, and updates.
  3. Municipal Services Access: Integrate functionalities that allow residents to access and utilize municipal services online, including bill payments, permit applications, and service requests, thereby enhancing convenience and efficiency.
  4. Transparency and Governance: Provide a comprehensive portal for governance-related information, including meeting minutes, agendas, bylaws, and contact information for village officials, to promote transparency and accountability.
  5. Emergency Alerts and Communication: Implement a system for emergency notifications and important announcements to ensure timely and effective communication with the community during critical situations.


  • Unified Digital Gateway: The successful launch of the Village of Arcade’s new website has established a unified digital gateway for residents, offering a single point of access to vital information, services, and resources.
  • Elevated Community Involvement: With the introduction of interactive features and a dynamic community calendar, the website has significantly elevated community involvement, enabling residents to stay connected, informed, and engaged with local events and governance.
  • Streamlined Service Access: The integration of online municipal services has streamlined residents’ access to essential functions, markedly improving the efficiency of interactions with the village government and enhancing overall resident satisfaction.
  • Enhanced Government Transparency: The availability of governance documents, meeting records, and official contact information on the website has reinforced the village’s commitment to transparency and accountability, fostering trust and confidence among community members.
  • Effective Emergency Communication: The implementation of an emergency alert system has empowered the Village of Arcade to communicate effectively with residents during emergencies, ensuring that critical information is disseminated swiftly and widely.
  • Strengthened Village Identity: Through its thoughtful design and comprehensive content, the website has not only served its functional objectives but also strengthened the village’s identity, showcasing the unique character, heritage, and values of the Arcade community to visitors and prospective residents.


In conclusion, the Village of Arcade, NY’s new municipal website has successfully met its objectives, marking a significant milestone in the village’s efforts to enhance digital accessibility, promote civic engagement, and foster a more informed and connected community. This digital platform has laid a solid foundation for ongoing communication and collaboration between the village government and the people it serves, contributing to the vitality and resilience of the Arcade community.