Theatre District of WNY

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Project Overview

The Theatre District of WNY, deeply affected by the challenges posed during the COVID-19 pandemic, sought to reinvigorate its connection with the community through a revitalized online presence. Recognizing the importance of a robust digital platform, they approached us to design and develop a landing page that would serve as the cornerstone of their renewed engagement efforts. The objective was straightforward but vital: to create an inviting and informative online portal that would reassure and welcome back their audience. This project wasn’t just about bringing a website back online—it was about crafting a digital space that reflects the Theatre District of WNY’s commitment to the arts and its role as a beacon of cultural resilience. The resulting landing page was meticulously designed to capture the essence of the theatre’s spirit, inviting patrons to reengage with their passion for the performing arts in Western New York.


Create a Scalable WordPress Landing Page: Develop a flexible WordPress landing page for the Theatre District of WNY that not only reestablishes their online presence but is also designed to scale as their digital needs grow and evolve. This page will serve as the foundation for future expansion, including full site development as audience engagement increases.

Engaging Design Revitalization: Design the landing page to captivate and welcome visitors with a visually appealing and thematic representation of the Theatre District of WNY. The design will reflect the vibrant cultural scene of Western New York and embody the spirit of resilience and renewal characteristic of the theatre community.

Prepare for Future Enhancements: Build the initial landing page with a clear roadmap for adding additional functionalities such as event listings, ticket sales, and interactive elements that can be phased in as the theatre ramps up its programming and community activities.

Brand Reinforcement: Ensure that the landing page distinctly conveys the Theatre District’s unique brand identity through consistent use of logos, color schemes, and creative messaging that resonate with their target audience, thereby strengthening brand recognition and loyalty.

Optimize User Experience: Craft the landing page with a focus on user experience, ensuring it is intuitive, easy to navigate, and accessible to all users, including those with disabilities. The layout will be designed to facilitate quick updates and provide essential information effectively and efficiently.

Conversion Optimization: Integrate strategic calls-to-action (CTAs) that guide visitors towards desired interactions, such as signing up for newsletters, viewing upcoming performances, or supporting the theatre through donations. These CTAs will be placed prominently to maximize engagement and conversions from visitors.

Ensure Cross-Device Accessibility: Develop the landing page to perform seamlessly across all devices, utilizing responsive design principles to ensure that the site is as effective on mobile devices as it is on desktops, thus broadening the theatre’s reach and accessibility.


1. Enhanced Online Visibility: The new landing page will serve as a central digital hub for the Theatre District of WNY, significantly boosting their online presence and making it easier for new and existing patrons to discover and engage with the theatre.

2. Scalable Digital Foundation: The WordPress platform will allow the landing page to be easily expanded and enhanced with additional features and functionalities as the theatre’s needs evolve, supporting a long-term digital strategy that grows with the organization.

3. Improved Brand Consistency: Through the strategic use of visual elements, typography, and brand messaging, the landing page will reinforce the Theatre District’s identity, helping to strengthen brand recognition and consistency across all communication channels.

4. Increased User Engagement: With a focus on user-friendly design and intuitive navigation, the landing page will enhance visitor interaction, encouraging more patrons to explore offerings, sign up for newsletters, and participate in theatre events.

5. Higher Conversion Rates: Effective placement of calls-to-action will lead to increased engagement actions from visitors, such as newsletter sign-ups, donations, or inquiries about upcoming performances, directly contributing to the theatre’s operational goals.

6. Accessible to All Users: The landing page will adhere to accessibility standards, ensuring that all potential patrons, including those with disabilities, can easily access and navigate the site, thereby broadening the theatre’s audience base.

7. Optimized for Mobile and Desktop Users: By employing responsive design principles, the landing page will offer a seamless experience across all devices, ensuring that the site’s appearance and functionality are optimized whether accessed via smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.