Synergy Networking Group

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Project Overview

The Synergy Networking Group, based in Buffalo, NY, embarked on a pivotal journey to establish its first-ever online presence with the creation of a comprehensive website. Recognized for fostering meaningful business connections and collaborations, the group sought to extend its reach and enhance its operational efficiency through digital means. The primary motivation behind this initiative was to provide a centralized platform that not only showcased its diverse membership but also streamlined the referral process and facilitated easier scheduling for prospective members to visit via video chat.


  1. Establish Online Presence: Develop a professional website that serves as the digital face of the Synergy Networking Group, introducing the organization and its mission to a broader audience.
  2. Member Directory: Create a detailed member directory featuring bios and contact information, enabling visitors to learn about current members, their professions, and areas of expertise.
  3. Referral System Integration: Implement an online referral form system, allowing members and visitors to easily submit business referrals, thereby fostering a culture of support and mutual growth among the community.
  4. Video Chat Scheduling: Incorporate a scheduling feature that allows potential members to book video chat sessions to attend group meetings virtually, facilitating inclusivity and convenience.


  • Robust Online Platform: The successful launch of the Synergy Networking Group website marked the group’s official entry into the digital world. The platform effectively reflects the group’s values and objectives, attracting increased interest from local businesses in Buffalo, NY.
  • Dynamic Member Directory: The website now boasts a dynamic directory of members, complete with bios and professional information. This feature has significantly enhanced the visibility of individual members within the group and to external visitors, encouraging professional connections and collaborations.
  • Efficient Referral Process: The introduction of an online referral form has streamlined the referral process, making it more efficient and accessible. This has led to an uptick in referral activities among members, reinforcing the group’s foundational principle of mutual business support.
  • Increased Accessibility and Membership Interest: The scheduling feature for video chat visits has opened new avenues for potential members to engage with the group. It has not only made meetings more accessible to those unable to attend in person but has also piqued the interest of a broader audience, leading to an increase in membership inquiries and participation.
  • Strengthened Community Engagement: The website has become a central hub for current and prospective members, enhancing communication and engagement within the Buffalo business community. It has facilitated a greater sense of belonging and commitment among members, contributing to the group’s overall growth and vibrancy.


In conclusion, the Synergy Networking Group’s website has successfully achieved its objectives, creating a valuable resource for both members and the wider business community in Buffalo, NY. The digital platform has not only enhanced the group’s operational capabilities but has also played a crucial role in expanding its reach and impact.