Madison County Rural Health Council

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Project Overview

The Madison County Rural Health Council recently embarked on an essential digital transformation journey by transitioning their website from Squarespace to WordPress. This strategic move was driven by the Council’s commitment to enhancing its digital footprint and effectively serving the community’s evolving health needs. The primary focus of this project was not only to increase the organization’s online awareness but also to significantly improve the website’s functionality and user experience. Additionally, the Council sought to modernize the website’s design, reflecting the vibrancy and dynamism of its mission and community outreach efforts.


  • Increase Awareness: Elevate the Council’s online presence to ensure that the vital health resources and information it provides are accessible to a wider audience. This involves leveraging SEO best practices, content optimization, and social media integration to reach more residents of Madison County and beyond.
  • Enhance Functionality: Implement new features and functionalities on the WordPress platform that were either limited or unavailable on Squarespace. This includes the integration of community forums, a comprehensive health resources directory, and interactive event calendars to foster community engagement and support.
  • Improve User Experience: Revamp the website’s architecture and navigation to offer visitors an intuitive, seamless browsing experience. This includes mobile responsiveness, faster loading times, and accessible design principles to ensure the website is user-friendly for all visitors, regardless of their device or abilities.
  • Update Design: Refresh the website’s aesthetic to better align with the Council’s brand identity and values. The new design emphasizes cleanliness, ease of navigation, and the incorporation of engaging visual elements that highlight the Council’s initiatives, events, and impact stories.


By achieving these objectives, the Madison County Rural Health Council aims to reinforce its role as a pivotal resource for health advocacy, information, and services in the region, making a measurable difference in the community’s well-being.


The recent overhaul of the Madison County Rural Health Council’s website, with a strategic shift to WordPress from Squarespace, has significantly amplified its digital impact, achieving and surpassing the set objectives. Our focus on enhancing the website’s functionality, user experience, and overall design not only modernized its online presence but also substantially increased its visibility and accessibility to the community.


Here’s a breakdown of the tangible outcomes following the project’s completion:


  • Increased Monthly Visitors: The Council’s website now welcomes approximately 200 additional visitors each month organically. This surge in traffic underscores the enhanced discoverability of the site, directly contributing to increased awareness of the Council’s vital health initiatives and resources.
  • Boost in Search Impressions: A remarkable increase in search engine impressions, with over 3,000 more than before the website revamp, highlights the improved SEO optimization and the website’s elevated ranking in search results. This significant uptick in impressions is a testament to the effectiveness of the updated content strategy and technical SEO enhancements implemented during the redesign.
  • Growth in Engagement: The website’s enhanced content and user-centric design have not only attracted more visitors but have also encouraged deeper engagement. With 81 additional clicks and 107 new unique visitors each month, the website is effectively engaging a broader audience. These metrics indicate that more people are interacting with the Council’s site, exploring its pages, and utilizing its resources.


Conclusion: The project’s outcomes have not only met the Madison County Rural Health Council’s initial objectives but have set a new benchmark for its online presence. The increased organic visitors, along with a substantial rise in search impressions and clicks, demonstrate the website’s improved visibility and appeal. Most importantly, the influx of new unique visitors each month signifies the website’s growing role as a pivotal health resource for the Madison County community. The success of this project is a clear indication that the strategic enhancements made to the website have directly contributed to the Council’s goal of increasing awareness and engagement within the community. Moving forward, the Madison County Rural Health Council is better positioned than ever to disseminate important health information, attract volunteers and donors, and ultimately support the well-being of Madison County’s residents.