Lotus Salon & Spa

Project Screenshots

Project Overview

Lotus Salon & Spa, nestled in the heart of Hamilton, New York, embarked on a comprehensive branding and digital presence overhaul to elevate its visibility and appeal in a competitive market. Recognizing the importance of a cohesive and strong online identity, the salon partnered with a dedicated team to revamp its brand image and digital outreach. This holistic approach included the creation of a new website, logo redesign, window decal/vinyl creation for on-site branding, and the establishment and branding of a Google My Business listing alongside various social media accounts.


  1. Website Development: Craft a sleek, user-friendly website that effectively showcases Lotus Salon & Spa’s range of beauty and wellness services, staff expertise, and the tranquil ambiance of the salon.
  2. Logo Design: Create a modern, elegant logo that reflects the salon’s commitment to luxury, tranquility, and the transformative beauty experiences it offers to clients.
  3. Window Decal/Vinyl Design: Develop eye-catching window decals/vinyls that encapsulate the salon’s brand identity for physical on-site promotion and to attract walk-in clients.
  4. Google My Business and Social Media Branding: Establish and brand Lotus Salon & Spa’s Google My Business listing to improve local search visibility and create branded social media accounts to engage with existing and potential clients on platforms they frequent.


  • Enhanced Digital Presence: The launch of Lotus Salon & Spa’s new website marked a significant milestone in establishing a robust online presence. The website, with its intuitive design and comprehensive service listings, serves as a digital gateway for clients seeking beauty and wellness transformations.
  • Revitalized Brand Identity: The newly designed logo has revitalized Lotus Salon & Spa’s brand identity, marrying elegance with modernity. This logo is now synonymous with the high-quality, rejuvenating services the salon is known for.
  • Increased Physical Visibility: The custom-designed window decals/vinyls have transformed the salon’s physical storefront, making it more inviting and reflective of the brand’s luxury and wellness focus. This on-site branding effectively captures the attention of passersby, converting them into new clients.
  • Optimized Local Search Presence: The creation and optimization of the Google My Business listing have significantly boosted Lotus Salon & Spa’s visibility in local search results, making it easier for clients in Hamilton, NY, and surrounding areas to discover the salon.
  • Engaged Social Media Following: With branded social media accounts, Lotus Salon & Spa has cultivated a vibrant online community. Regular posts, service highlights, and interactive content keep the salon engaged with its audience, driving bookings and fostering client loyalty.
  • Comprehensive Brand Cohesion: Across digital and physical touchpoints, from the website to social media, and the salon’s storefront, Lotus Salon & Spa presents a unified, compelling brand image. This cohesion amplifies the salon’s market presence and attracts a broader clientele seeking premier beauty and wellness experiences.


In conclusion, Lotus Salon & Spa’s strategic investment in its digital and physical branding initiatives has profoundly impacted its market presence and client engagement. Through a new website, refreshed logo, strategic on-site branding, and an active online presence, Lotus Salon & Spa has not only elevated its brand but has also set a new standard for beauty and wellness experiences in Hamilton, New York, paving the way for continued growth and success in the beauty industry.