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Streamlined Website Design

Say goodbye to clunky websites and hello to sleek, modern design. Our Municipal Website Solution offers customizable website design built on the robust WordPress platform. With full administrative access, you have the flexibility to update content, add new pages, add new forms and showcase multimedia seamlessly. Impress your constituents with a user-friendly website that reflects the professionalism and efficiency of your municipality.

Organizational Specific Data Management

Effortlessly manage and display crucial information about your municipality with our organizational-specific data management tools. From contact details to department and committee pages, our solution streamlines data organization for easy access and navigation.

Contact Details Management

Organize and update contact details for easy access.

Department and Committee Pages

Create dedicated pages for departments and committees.


Simplify FAQ management to provide quick answers.


Distribute notices efficiently to keep everyone informed.

Image Gallery Presentation

Present image galleries to enhance user experience and engagement.

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Hosting & Support for Peace of Mind

Rest easy knowing your municipal website is in good hands with our reliable hosting and support services. Our high-performance servers ensure optimal website speed and uptime, while regular maintenance and updates keep your website secure and current. Plus, with dedicated support and training for three months included with the option to extend. Our expert team is here to assist you every step of the way.

Fast Loading


Daily Backups

Websites Updates


Website Monitoring

Access to our Knowledge Base

Empower yourself with our comprehensive knowledge base and custom tutorial videos. Whether you’re a seasoned website administrator or a novice user, our resources provide invaluable guidance for managing and optimizing your municipal website. Learn the tasks pertinent to your needs.

Enhanced Security and Backup Solutions

Protect sensitive information and safeguard your website with our advanced security and backup solutions. From robust security measures to daily offsite backups, we ensure your website remains safe and secure against malware, hacking, and data loss. Rest assured knowing your constituents’ data is protected and your website content is always backed up and recoverable.


  • Regularly saves copies of your site.
  • Restores your site in case of data loss.
  • Provides peace of mind for site owners.
  • Ensures quick recovery from technical issues.
  • Keeps a safe copy of all your content.


  • Tracks your site’s performance 24/7.
  • Alerts you to potential problems immediately.
  • Ensures your site stays online and accessible.
  • Helps identify and fix issues quickly.
  • Monitors traffic and user activity continuously.


  • Protects your website from hackers.
  • Ensures sensitive data remains confidential.
  • Prevents malware and virus infections.
  • Shields against unauthorized access.
  • Maintains the integrity of your site.

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SEO Best Practices and Continuous Updates

Boost your municipal website’s visibility and rankings with our SEO best practices and continuous updates. From on-page optimization to technical SEO enhancements, we help you improve your website’s search engine performance and attract targeted traffic. Stay ahead of the competition with regular updates and maintenance to keep your website secure, up-to-date, and optimized for success.

Dedicated Document Explorer

Effortlessly organize, update, and manage a variety of documents relevant to municipal operations with our dedicated Document Explorer. From ordinances to meeting minutes and public notices, our intuitive interface makes it easy for both administrators and citizens to find and retrieve documents quickly. Enhance transparency, accessibility, and accountability with streamlined document management. Learn more about this plugin by clicking here.

Seamless Integrations

Connect with constituents and foster community engagement with seamless integration with government services and community engagement tools. From event calendars to news sections and community forums, our solution provides the tools you need to engage with citizens, promote transparency, and build trust within your community.

and many more...

Available Add-ons

Improved SEO

Enhanced website visibility and search rankings with SEO.

Business Directory

Help your businesses be found with a dedicated directory

Farmers Market Map

Find items and participants with an interactive map.

Enhanced Printability

Make pages of your website more printer friendly.

Custom Development

Tailored solutions for your website's specific needs.

And Much More

Have another idea? Let's review its viability together.

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Embrace a forward-thinking solution that enhances transparency, efficiency, and citizen engagement, setting a new standard for municipal operations.

$4,200 One Time Fee

New Website

Website Features
This is the same for each package

Hosting & Support

$6,800 per year

New Website & Support

Website Features
This is the same for each package

Hosting & Support

$9,400 per year

New Website, Support, & Content

Website Features
This is the same for each package

Hosting & Support

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Website Features

Below are the website features included with all three packages.

Project Process

Our website project process takes roughly about 6 weeks depending on how fast we receive content and revisions.







Project Kick-Off



Revision #1

Revision #2


Launch Prep.



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