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Welcome to the Municipal Document Explorer Plugin documentation. This guide will help you understand the features, installation process, configuration options, and usage of our plugin designed specifically for municipalities. Whether you’re a town, village, or city, our plugin aims to streamline document management on your WordPress website, providing numerous benefits for your municipality and its constituents.


  • Overview of Features:
    • Easily manage documents via FTP
    • Automatically creates hierarchal view based on folder structure
    • Ability to search documents quickly
    • Ability to preview, download, and print documents
  • Demo Example:

Quickstart Guide

FTP Account Creation

Hosting Provider Help Articles

There are many hosting providers and each have their own way to setup FTP accounts with their hosting. Here is a list of the popular ones with links to their FTP Account Setup Guides.


This is used in the associated video as an example.


FTP Software for accessing files

Once your FTP account is setup through your hosting, you may want to use software to access the files


General Instructions for FTP

  1. Create your FTP Account – You will need to set up an FTP account through your hosting to access and manage your documents.
    1. Create the directory “mpde-files” in your wp-content directory.
    2. Create or copy your folder for your documents.
    3. wp-content/mpde-files/[your-files]/
    4. Create the FTP Account with the home of that directory so you can access the files
    5. Test the connection out on your computer and copy your files over

Plugin Installation

Reminder: It is always best practice to make separate backups of your site before and after major changes such as functionality or design.

  1. Purchase and download the plugin
  2. Upload and activate the plugin on your website

Documents Page Creation

  1. Create a new page or edit an existing one
  2. Add the shortcode below to the page: [mpde_page]

Plugin Settings

  1. Get to the settings by going to “Settings” then “Document Management”
  2. Update the “Folder Path” to the name of your folder you created
  3. Select the page page you want to use for your documents
  4. Click save
  5. Navigate to your documents page and test it out.
    Note: The first time it loads it will take longer because it builds a cache of the files.

Backup Settings

  1. Make sure to add your files directory to your backup plugin if you have one
  2. After that, it is good practice to create another backup of the site


[mpde_page] This creates the layout for the entire page with the search box, file hierarchy view, and the preview frame.
Alternatvely, if you need to use those elements individually, you can use the shortcodes below.
[mpde_search_box] Gets just the search box.
[mpde_file_hierarchy] Gets just the file hierarchy view.
[mpde_preview_frame] Gets just the preview frame.


Feedback & Contributions

We value your feedback and are committed to continuously improving our plugins to meet your needs. If you have any suggestions, feature requests, or encounter any issues while using our plugin, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can contact our support team through our contact form for assistance.


Additionally, if you’re interested in contributing to the development of our plugins or have ideas for enhancements, we’d love to hear from you! While our plugins are not currently hosted on GitHub, we welcome contributions and collaboration from the community. Please contact us to discuss potential contributions or to share your ideas for improving our plugins. Your input helps us create better products for everyone.


Thank you for choosing our plugins, and we look forward to hearing from you!