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We will look at your web presence and review how your business is positioned on the internet. You’ll receive a report with what areas we feel need to be improved and what we see as positives for your business.

What's Included

Checking Key Areas

The Digital Presence Audit will let you know what the key areas are pertaining to your business on the web. You can also get our professional recommendation.

We will check many listing sites and common databases for your information and consistency.
We will check the major platforms for your reviews and what your industry averages are.
We will look are your social media analytics and compare them to your industry.
Website & Ecommerce
We will look over your website for performance, errors, and must-have information.
We will look for your digital ads and see how they are performing against your competitors.
We will analyze your search engine optimization keywords, clicks, and how you rank against competitors.
Next Steps

Reading the report

To improve here, your information needs to be submitted, available, and consistent in major directories, and databases.
To improve here, focus on good customer service, and ask for reviews.
To improve here, post regularly, correctly use relevant hashtags, and engage with your customers.
to improve here, make sure you have the recommended information, errors corrected, and your website optimized.
If you don’t offer ecommerce, think about ways you could incorporate ecommerce in the future, if you do have ecommerce, make sure the issues the report lists are fixed.
To improve, run ads to your targeted audience for relevant keywords.
Make sure your website is SEO optimized and you are ranking for relevant keywords.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need this?
The report is very valuable because it helps you determine where you stand, what you are doing well, and where you can improve.
Can you help me with advertising?
Yes, our team can implement a marketing strategy towards your target audience to accomplish any variety of objectives.

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