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Your business growth is our goal.

We know that sometimes small and medium businesses need more than just great tech or an extra helping hand to make their goals a reality. That’s why we offer comprehensive marketing solutions you need to grow. Part of an extensive global network, our experts are passionate about helping local businesses thrive.

Part of being an entrepreneur is learning how to “DIY” almost everything: from finance to supply chain to online advertising. But figuring out how to build awareness, drive conversions, and create and maintain a professional website can frustrate even the most motivated business owner.

You’ve got a choice: learn a lot more about running a website, driving leads, keeping a growing audience engaged—and everything else—or find someone who’s already an expert in all of these tasks to do them for you. That’s where Hourglass Media can help.

Your uncanny ability to do it all has won the respect of your peers at work…but also landed you with even more responsibilities to tackle. But there are limits to your time and energy, and you just can’t keep taking on more tasks. Besides, your goal is to “level up” and spend more time with your bosses on overall strategy instead of focusing on tactics for the rest of your career.

What you need is a team of experts who can take some of those new responsibilities off your plate, plus technology solutions that keep you updated on the latest progress. Hourglass Media is here to the rescue.


For all your digital marketing needs

Whatever your business goals, Hourglass Media has the expertise and technology you need to achieve them.

Results that Matter Most
Whether your key metrics are leads, calls, conversions, or ROI, Hourglass Media offers the strategy and delivers the insights you need to achieve your true business goals.
Industry-Leading Expertise & Cutting-edge Tech
In a world that’s online all the time, your prospects could be at any stage of your marketing funnel at any given moment. Hourglass Media can provide solutions to build awareness, drive conversions, grow customer loyalty, and every step in between.
Customer Journey
In a world that’s online all the time, your prospects could be at any stage of your marketing funnel at any given moment. Hourglass Media can provide solutions to build awareness, drive conversions, grow customer loyalty, and every step in between.

Marketing solutions for every small business.

Drive more of the right traffic and leads to your business or your client’s business —without falling prey to any of the common search marketing pitfalls that can waste so much money. While our optimization technology resources focus on strengthening your strong ad quality scores, our team of experts will test and track your ads across both Google and Microsoft Ads to identify the most successful strategies to reach prospects, wherever they are in their buyer journey.

  • More leads, more time, better ROI
  • Custom strategies to reach your goals
  • Self-serve Client Center

Getting your message across in a way that not only grabs your target audience’s attention but also successfully drives them to take action isn’t a quick or easy task. From best practices to cutting-edge strategies, our experts have what it takes to make it happen with exciting, interactive ad creative. Plus, our optimization technology resources take the guesswork out of Facebook’s unparalleled audience targeting tools, enabling you to place that carefully crafted message in front of the right people at the right time.

  • More options, less hassle, proven results
  • Blueprint-certified Facebook specialists
  • On-demand performance reports

If you don’t have a tried-and-true way to turn casual website visitors into engaged leads, our live chat is the solution you’re looking for. Following your approved script, a team of professional chat agents will help you or your client respond quickly to visitor inquiries and send leads your way via the Client Center—or even connect them to you directly for a phone call via Call Connect.

  • 24/7 support from highly trained agents
  • HIPAA-compliant technology
  • Email notifications of a new lead, full chat transcripts, and more

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I sign a 6- or 12-month contract?
Like going to the gym, it can take time to see optimal results from PPC, which is why we recommend signing on for at least six months. After signing a contract, you can pay monthly, but our annual pre-pay plan will save you 20%.
What will my onboarding process be like?
Customers have will be walked through an onboarding call or video chat. We will determine your strategy, location, and objectives. We will run that information through our system against thousands of past campaigns. We will get back to you with a proposal on your budget and best course of action to get the most bang for your buck.
How long does it take to start showing results?
The answer to this question depends heavily on your account and your industry. Remember that PPC is a marathon, not a sprint – your weekly optimizations will make an immediate impact, but it could take several months for you to start hitting larger business goals. Schedule a free consultation today about setting realistic expectations and milestones.
What reporting features do you offer?
You will receive infographic-quality PPC Success Reports that present your account data in a visual and easy-to-understand format. You will also get a monthly diagnostic report to review with your Client Success representative.

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