About Us

Hourglass Media

A local business helping other local businesses grow with tailored web and mobile solutions.

Hourglass Media is an advertising agency created to help companies within our community of Buffalo, NY to succeed with the latest marketing technology and insight. We do this by offering a variety of services including website creation, SEO and strategy, social media, digital advertising, and more. Plus, our website design packages are customized to your unique needs to make the process even easier.

Launched in 2012 by Joshua Bagnall, a developer with 25 years in the industry, Hourglass Media has grown to a small network of professionals. Combining our expertise, we offer a comprehensive service focused on your marketing success. We invite you to get in touch with us today and learn more about what we offer.


Helping to evolve the way local businesses become competitive in business by guiding them to leverage technology to be successful.


We value transparency, integrity, and causes worthy of marketing. We enjoy working with small to medium organizations who appreciate and trust us to create and implement strategies to help them grow.

Our Team

Specializing in skills, not titles.

Josh Bagnall


Harrison Singer

Advertising and Social Media

Cathlene Ayacaide

Administration & Social Media